The Role Of Sound Production Services In Video Post-Production

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One thing that many people take for granted when watching a TV show or movie is the sound design. When it's done correctly the viewer never notices all the world that was put into the sound design. When it's done poorly, the viewer instantly notices that something is wrong which then pulls them out of the viewing experience. That's why the role of Foley artists in sound design is crucial in bringing a production together. Here are some of the ways that sound production services can improve any type of video.

Create Depth And Spatial Awareness  

There are many ways that sound design can create depth and special awareness in a production. This is because those small sound details may not be captured by a microphone on set, and need to be created later to insert into the edit. Some examples include the sound of leaves as someone steps on them, the sound of clothes rustling as they are put on, and even the room tone of what it feels like to be in the space you are seeing. 

Create Realistic Sounds

You may be surprised at the objects that are used to create sounds that seem realistic. The sound of a horse galloping across a field may not be the sound of a horse at all, and actually be the sound of shells being hit against each other. The sound of a crackling fire may not be real at all, and actually be the sound of an object being crumpled to simulate the effect. It takes a lot of creativity to figure out how to create a realistic sound that can be captured in a clean environment. 

Enhance Moments

Sometimes the goal is not to create a realistic sound but to enhance a moment to create impact. For example, creating the sound design for a fight scene may involve using unrealistic sounds that help emphasize the impact. This could include the whirl of an object cutting through the air or the over-exaggerated sound of someone making contact with a punch or a kick. These sounds must be created in a way that is subtle since going too over the top will be distracting to the viewer.

Create A Space

It is common for sound effects to be captured in a clean manner where the sounds are isolated, and then they are inserted into the scene to match the action. However, those sound effects are not going to feel natural when played back as originally recorded. Part of great sound design is creating space by using reverb to make the sound seem as if it's coming from the action. It involves taking the size of a room and the reflective surfaces into consideration so that any inserted sound effect seems natural to the viewer.