What Good Stagehands Can Do For You

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When you are planning an important event or production, you have many things to consider. Good stagehands make your job easier and can help your event go off without a hitch. 

What are stagehands, and why do I need them? 

Stagehands are basically professional behind-the-scenes people. They keep a production running smoothly, handling sets, audio, special effects, and anything else your production might need. If you are putting on a big event, there is always a need for people to help with the production details. That is where stagehands come in. Here are some things that a good stagehand will do for you. 

Customized Service 

Good stagehands are trained to handle a wide range of jobs in a wide range of venues, from stadiums to small community theaters. Many stagehands have a lot of experience to stand on, and that means that they can bring all their know how to your event. Each job is different for a stagehand, and so they are able to customize their talents for the event that they are working on. A good stagehand will see each new gig as a fresh challenge and will rise to meet it. 

Maintenance and Repair 

A good stage hand knows their equipment and can handle basic repair jobs. They know what to do when a pesky machine malfunctions and can get it back to working order quickly. They also handle the maintenance of equipment, shutting things off, cleaning things up, and turning things on. 

Specialty Knowledge

Most stagehands have a general knowledge about many different aspects of production, but they often specialize in a field as well, like lighting, carpentry, or rigging. This specialty knowledge means they are capable of handling complex demands and fixing complicated problems. 


Stagehands have the most dangerous jobs in many events, since they are handling heavy equipment, electricity, or scaling heights. If you have good stagehands, they are aware of the hazards of the job and will do their best to minimize the risks. Stagehands have been trained on how to use equipment and how to safely do their jobs. When you hire a stagehand from a reputable stagehand staffing provider, you can count on the fact that they know what they are doing. A reliable stagehand always puts safety first. 


A good stagehand is always professional, even when the stress builds, or when celebrities are part of the show. A stagehand will quietly do their job in the background so that everything comes together perfectly.

For more information about hiring stagehands for your next show or event, talk to a stagehand staffing provider near you.